The Cathedral offers a variety of ministries and programs that help adults to strengthen their relationship with God and continue to grow as disciples. Please, come as you are, and learn and grow in the knowledge and
love of God.


Special Series

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This fall our clergy will take turns sharing their favorite passage from the Bible. From 9 to 10 a.m. in Harvard Hall on September 15, 22 and October 13, 20, and 27, each of our priests will take a Sunday to unpack “My Favorite Piece of Scripture.”

“We’re asking each of the clergy to take a deep dive into a passage that has been meaningful and formative to them in their priestly career,” Dean Morris said. “We’ll look at the language, at different translations, at what the original Greek or Hebrew said, where we see similar passages in the Bible, and how this passage has affected each of us, how we’ve used it in our teaching or preaching or pastoral care or our prayer or how we live our lives.”


Bread+wine: blessed. God: present. What's the meaning behind our words+rituals?
How2charist illuminates the liturgy's beauty+spirit.
Created by The Rev. Callie Swanlund


The How2Charist video and companion materials are completely free. To watch the intro video and access the full How2Charist, click here.

Weekday Studies

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This group meets every Tuesday at 8 a.m. for one hour in the Chapter Room to study the Gospel for the coming Sunday.  We read the passage several times, pick out significant words or phrases, discuss their meaning and talk about how we'll apply the week's Gospel to our lives.  If time permits, we read and discuss the other lessons for the coming Sunday. No homework, no preparation necessary. We open with the Collect and close with prayer requests and the Lord's Prayer.
Contact: Judy Stark (

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The Cathedral Men's Bible Study meets in the Narthex on Thursday at 7:30 a.m. for an hour.  No advance preparation is required. Men may attend as they are able and do not necessarily need to make a weekly commitment. We read through a book of the Bible systematically, discussing its meaning and application for our daily lives. This is an excellent opportunity for men to get to know each other better and to grow in Christ.
Contact: Frank Casorio (

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A new Bible study will begin focusing on systematic reading of the New Testament moving from Matthew to Revelation. This study, led by Bill Roen, PhD from Catholic University and a retired Lutheran pastor, will look for the themes that bind the New Testament together as a whole by closely analyzing passages from each of its books. United in their witness to his Cross and Resurrection, the apostles and evangelists offer a different answers to the question—Who is Jesus?--depending upon the situation of the church for which they are writing. We will be searching for meanings using the critical tools designed for the study of literature to delve into the meaning of each passage and deal with the deepest issues of the faith we find there. Our goal will be to better understand the New Testament writings in their original context and apply that to the context of our own lives. Bring your Bibles and be prepared for a great adventure.

Young Adults

Cathedral 20s/40s | meets throughout the year

Young adults (ages 20ish to 40ish) looking for connection and community with people in similar life situations as you, please consider joining the young adult group at the Cathedral. There is a private Facebook group, where we communicate with each other, sharing ideas, questions, prayer requests, and of course, opportunities to get together.

You can search for the group on facebook: Cathedral Church of St. Peter's 20/40 Group)

Resources for Prayer

In October and November, the Rev. Canon Dr. Thomas Williams led a class on the book “Inwardly Digest” by Derek Olsen. This class explored how the patterns of life laid out in The Book of Common Prayer serve as a guide to the spiritual life, so that we might connect back to the God who calls each of us by name and that we might love as God loves us.
As a result of that class, the Rev. Canon Dr. Thomas Williams has gathered a list of resources for prayer:
Life in Christ, Julia Gatta
Saint Augustine's Prayer Book, David Cobb and Derek Olsen
Praying Our Days, Frank Griswold
Centering Prayer, M. Basil Pennington
The Examen Prayer, Timothy Gallagher

You can also find the Rev. Canon Dr. Thomas Williams on Facebook at ThomasPraystheOffice daily at 7:00 am and 6:00 pm. These will also be accessible on the Cathedral’s Facebook page.

Pop-up Prayers

Daily prayer is part of life for the Cathedral community. All are invited to join in and experience pop-up prayers with Canon Katie Churchwell. Canon Katie Churchwell leads these on her Facebook page and they take a variety of forms, from a simple invitation to leave a prayer request to more interactive prayers.