Service is an important part of our faith. When we come together for worship, we engage in the liturgy, which means “the work of the people”. You are invited to participate in worship and the life of the church. In fact, neither would happen without the active involvement of the congregation. There is a way for everyone to offer their time and talents.


Cathedral Guilds and Ministries

Acolyte Recognition Sunday | October 21, 2018

Acolyte Recognition Sunday | October 21, 2018



We process carrying crosses, torches and/or flags and banners.  We serve at the altar during the worship services performing various duties.  We may process during the reading of the gospel, one holding the gospel book for the deacon/priest and two carrying torches.  We give the alms basins to the ushers for collection and receive them back from the ushers once the collection has been made. We may receive the bread and wine from the oblationers and assist in the preparation of the table for the Eucharist.  One may ring the Sanctus Bell and one may refill the wine chalices during the Eucharist.  We also light the altar and lectern candles before the service and extinguish them after the service.  We assist in any way requested by the priests, deacon, vergers or Eucharistic ministers.

The minimum age is 9: the acolyte must be big enough to handle a torch.  Sometimes, a 9 year-old is not quite ready.  Even if an 8 year-old is strong for his/her age, the minimum age is still 9 for consistency and maturity.  On-the-job training.
Contact:Joanie Andrews  ( and Ken Esteb (

Altar Guild

The liturgy of the Episcopal Church is what makes it so remarkable.  At the Cathedral alone, nearly 500 Eucharists are celebrated a year and these are made possible by the Altar Guild members.  One of the most significant ministries in the church, it is open to anyone who finds their spiritual home in the preparation of the Lord's Table.  The Altar Guild prepares every aspect of the Eucharist and assist also at weddings, funerals, baptisms and ordinations. 
Contact: Sarah Hill ( and Susan Regan (

Eucharistic Ministers

Eucharistic Ministers are authorized and licensed by the Bishop to administer the consecrated elements of the eucharist. Eucharistic Ministers assist in the distribution of Communion during the liturgy and are an integral part of the liturgy altar team and may also serve as lectors for certain services. Eucharistic Ministers typically service twice per calendar quarter.
Contact: Tony Gecan (

Eucharistic Visitors

Eucharistic Visitors take Holy Communion to those people who are unable to attend church, providing them with the opportunity to share in our corporate worship. Eucharistic Visitors also bring them conversation and contact with the church by bringing copies of the Crosstown and Forward Day by Day. Eucharistic Visitors are approved by the Dean, licensed by the Bishop, and provided training by experienced Eucharistic Visitors and through other information. We are required to take Safe Guarding All God’s Children and may be subject to a background check. Visit reports are sent to the Coordinators for EVs so the church is kept up-to-date on how the parishioner is doing. Please contact the Cathedral office if you are aware of anyone who would like a Eucharistic Visitor to come see them.
Contact: Karen Amundrud (

Flower Guild

The Flower Guild arranges the flowers in the Cathedral every week and for every liturgical event. They work in teams of three to four and are on duty once every four to five weeks. New members are welcome! An apprentice will work with an existing team until they feel comfortable enough to work on their own.  The schedule is made in advance, and we first consult with each person to ensure availability.  A love of flowers and a creative spirit are all that is required. Please join a wonderful group of women and men who enjoy being part of this ministry.
Contact: Carolyn Randall ( and Ron Gallucci (

A few of the friendly faces you see most Sundays!

A few of the friendly faces you see most Sundays!

Hospitality Guild

Hospitality Guild members welcome newcomers to the church in many ways. They meet people at the Newcomers Table to answer questions and provide information before and after the 10:15 service, as well as stand near the clergy person at the door.  As an urban cathedral congregation, we are blessed with visitors all through the year. It’s the beginning of our new effort of more intentionally greeting our visitors, offering them information about St. Peter’s, and making a first personal contact.
Contact: Canon Brandon Peete (

Lazarus Guild

The Lazarus Guild is an extension of the Cathedral’s bereavement ministry. Guild members assist families with funerals and memorial services. Assistance takes two forms: Ministry of Presence and Ministry of Hospitality. Two guild members make themselves available (present) and attend to the needs of bereaved family members before and during the funeral or memorial service. Two additional guild members assist the family with arrangements for the reception (hospitality). We invite and welcome new members.
Contact: Philip Ketchum (, Karen Torrisi (, or Kathy Coughlan

Lectors Guild

A Lector is a person trained in the reading of the Word and appointed by the Dean to read lessons or lead the Prayers of the People. Those who are interested will be put on the rota after training. The schedule is sent out quarterly.
Contact: Jean Beshears ( and Neal Ward (

Office Volunteers

The office volunteers are the face of the Cathedral, being the first point of contact for visitors during the weekdays.  They have a variety of duties, such as answering phones, greeting visitors and helping with mailings. Shifts are usually 3 ½ hours, once a week.  We also need volunteers who can substitute for the regularly scheduled volunteers when needed.
Contact: Alicia Schmid (

Usher Teams

Ushers make all who enter feel welcome, distribute bulletins at worship services, take up the offering, assist during communion by handling the flow of parishioners from pews to the altar and afterward direct clergy to those needing to take communion where they are seated. Ushers are present at the 10:15 am service, funerals, and other special services including Diocesan events. This is a wonderful way to meet new people! 
Contact: Paul Bonneau ( and Jean Curtis (


Verger Guild

The Gorton Guild of Vergers at the Cathedral was founded in 2004. The verger is the lay assistant to the clergy and serves like a stage manager for worship services and other special services like funerals, confirmation and ordinations.  The verger must be familiar with the layout of the church and, for any given Sunday, be able to organize the procession that takes place and keep track (and cue when necessary) lay persons involved with the service. A principal skill of the verger is to be able to fulfill any of the major service roles at a moments’ notice, including acolyte, usher, prayers of the people, scripture reading, or taking care of an altar need. The underlying principle of the role of the parish verger is to anticipate problems, and be ready to step into any role the service requires without hesitation or complaint.
Contact: Phillip Paree (

Cathedral committees

Cathedral Chapter

The Chapter is the 12-member lay board of directors that, with the Dean, sets policy, oversees Cathedral finances and promotes its spiritual welfare. Members serve staggered three-year terms with four people elected each January at our Annual Meeting. Current Chapter members are: Diane Casorio, Susan Churuti (Sr. Warden), Lucas Fleming, Elizabeth Hasbrouck, David D. Hill MD, Ray McColgan (Jr Warden), Samantha Nevins, Shar Nudelman, Gary Patterson, Sandy Powers, Tim Staney, Tim Lanz (Treasurer).
Contact: The Very Rev. Stephen Morris (

Fellowship & Festivities

This is an upbeat, fun committee with emphasis on fellowship events. If you enjoyed the Pentecost Picnic and the Pasta Mix-up and Trivia Night then this is the group for you! This is a church-wide committee and welcome newcomers, longtime members, youth, those who would like to get involved or get involved again.  Please consider joining in the fun by volunteering or helping if you’re asked. The committee is always looking for new ways to have fun, so please share your ideas!
Contact: Sandy Powers ( and Shar Nudelman  (

Outreach Committee

The Outreach Committee meets on the third Tuesday of the month at 6:00 pm. It is a combination and coordination of all the outreach efforts in the Cathedral, both locally and abroad.
Outreach Mission Statement: Because we are compelled by Christ to be the healing presence of God’s love in the world, we work to transform the lives of the vulnerable through food, health, education, relationship-building, and inclusivity initiatives.
Contact: Canon Katie Churchwell (


Stewardship is more than raising money or conducting a pledge drive; it’s committing the resources God has generously and lovingly given us — including financial resources — to do God’s work in the world.
”Everything I have is God’s gift to me. What I do with it, how I use it, and how I share it with others, is in thankful response. It is my gift to God.”
Contact: Ray McColgan


The Worship Committee coordinates the various groups involved in the worship of the Cathedral. It is made up of leaders of the following groups: Acolytes, Altar Guild, Flower Guild, Ushers, and Vergers, as well as the clergy and staff of the Cathedral.
It meets the second Thursday of every other month to discuss upcoming special worship events and any problems that have come to our attention regarding worship. The objective is to work ahead so as to make worship as meaningful as possible for as many parishioners as possible.
Contact: The Very Rev. Stephen Morris (