Cathedral Clergy & Staff


The Very Reverend Stephen Morris |
Dean of the Cathedral

I was elected Dean of the Cathedral in December, 2008. I am passionate about building relationships rooted in the love of God so that the relationship is transformational for all involved. I enjoy strategic thinking and planning so that the Cathedral becomes more fully the happening spot in downtown St. Pete for lively learning, most excellent liturgical worship and heartwarming fellowship…a place where people have fun engaging God in Christ!

Contact Dean Morris if you:

- want to learn more about all the plates that spin in the air at the Cathedral
- want to talk about questions of faith
- would like to know more about being an Episcopalian (he’s been one all his life)
- would like to play a round of golf


The Rev Canon Katie Churchwell |
Canon for community outreach

I came to the cathedral in May of 2016 to help broaden the Cathedral’s reach into the St. Petersburg downtown community. My passion is to open wide the love of God as known in Jesus to all I meet. I am excited about the opportunity we have as the Cathedral to reclaim and reimagine our presence in this city and the lives of our neighbors.

Contact Canon Katie if you:

- want to explore our great city
- want to grab coffee or tea and talk/pray about ANYTHING
- are interested in living a Christian life more fully in your community
- want to serve at Campbell Park Elementary School
- want to dream about how the church can change the world for the better

Paige Headshot.jpeg

The rev canon paige hanks | canon missioner and vicar

My role focuses on partnering and strengthening the Episcopal community in the churches of the St. Petersburg Deanery. I’m passionate about seeing the face of God in all people and sharing the Good News of Jesus Christ is at the heart of the ministry of the church and we are only limited by our imaginations as we engage in joining with God to restore God’s Kingdom!

Contact Canon Paige if you:

- have ideas for partnering with other Episcopal church communities in St. Petersburg and the diocese
- want to work out some aspect of your theology
- are interested in exploring work in all areas of social justice
- are curious about how to advocate for public education with a former school principal


The Rev Canon Brandon Peete |
Canon for hospitality

I began praying with my family at St. Peter's Cathedral over the summer of 2017. We sought and found a progressive and inclusive church that also values the beauty of formal Episcopal liturgy. I am pleased to serve at the altar on Sundays at the Cathedral, along with offering occasional opportunities in formation. During the week I can be found at Berkeley Preparatory School, where I serve as school chaplain. 

Contact Reverend Brandon if you:

- are curious about how spirits move in the world
- want to talk college football
- are a fellow educator and want to talk shop
- are interested in endurance racing


The Reverend Canon Dr. Thomas Williams | Canon Theologian and precentor

I came to the cathedral because I am passionate about teaching and preaching, I love liturgical worship and excellent music, and I get to be part of a prayerful, loving, and gifted community of faith. My primary job is Professor of Philosophy at the University of South Florida in Tampa, engaging in research, teaching, and service. I specialize in medieval philosophy, roughly from the late fourth century (Augustine) through the early fourteenth (John Duns Scotus)

Contact Canon Williams if you:

- want to talk about theology or philosophy
- have questions about the Christian faith or the Episcopal Church
- have ideas for adult formation programs
- are curious about British panel shows


Dwight Thomas | Director of Music & Organist

I fell in love with the Episcopal Church and its music while in graduate school, and have been at the Cathedral since 2009. I am grateful for the opportunity to serve with the Cathedral congregation who support and appreciate the gift of music, and recognize how music can change lives and bring us closer together as a community.

Contact Dwight if you:

- want to find out more about being involved with Cathedral music, whether singing or playing an instrument
- want to talk or share your experience in how spirituality, liturgy and church music can all intertwine
- are curious about meteorology and all the varieties of protein shakes out there


Andi Gorton | Publications

I have been at the Cathedral as a parishioner since 1986 and came on staff in 2011. In my work with Publications, I work on a variety of projects ranging from bulletins for worship and weddings, coordinating with the Altar Guild, and updating monthly intercessions for birthdays, anniversaries and deaths. I also love rehearsing for and singing in the Cathedral, Chamber, and Festival Choirs.

Contact Andi if you:

- want to include clergy-approved information in the worship bulletin, advertisements, or to church calendar
- want to update your information in our database (change of address or email)
- are interested in comparing shell collections (over 5,000 and counting!)
- want to talk about which TV shows are binge-worthy


Hillary Peete | Children’s Minister & Website/Social Media

I have been attending the Cathedral with my family since September 2017. We love the sense of hospitality and welcome at the Cathedral, especially for our young children. I love being a part of Children’s Ministry and believe that an important part of faith formation begins with children experiencing God’s unconditional love for them through the relationships they build at church.

Contact Hillary if you:

- would like to volunteer in Children’s Chapel or the nursery
- are curious about creative ways for children to explore images of God
- are in need of recommendations for children's books, spiritual or fiction
- want to talk about your favorite podcasts or latest books you’ve read


Alicia Schmid | Administrative assistant to the clergy & Youth minister

I am passionate about mentoring and advocating for today’s youth, as well as those who have been marginalized, and being an encouraging voice to the people God places in my path. I am excited about what God has done and will do through the Cathedral family, as well as the impact that will prayerfully ripple into the city of downtown St. Petersburg, and beyond. 

Contact Alicia if you:

- want to talk about theater, dance, surrealism, history, or theology
- are in need of a word of encouragement, a song that will give you goosebumps, or a prayer
- have ideas for creative, artistic, and faith-forming ways to engage with the youth


Maggie Suttell | Associate for Music Outreach

I am excited to join the Cathedral Church of St. Peter to create a new choir for children of all ages, and to network with the many arts and civic organizations in the thriving downtown St. Petersburg community and beyond to foster mutually beneficial and exciting relationships centered around music and the arts.

Contact Maggie if you:

- have ideas about bringing music and the arts into St. Peter’s, or getting St. Peter’s musical talent out into the community
- want to talk about singing Renaissance polyphony
- have taken any interesting trips abroad lately, or have any interesting trips planned
- have recommendations about where to eat or walk in St. Pete

Bill Buster | Sexton

Cathedral Chapter

The Chapter is the 12-member lay board of directors that, with the dean, sets policy, watches the finances, and supports the spiritual life of the congregation. Each year four new members are elected to three-year terms.

Class of 2019
Dianne Casorio 
Susan Churuti, Jr. Warden 
Lucas Fleming
Shar Nudelman 

Class of 2020
Samantha Nevins 
Ray McColgan, Sr. Warden 
Gary Patterson
Tim Staney 

Class of 2021
Kerry Carlisle 
Herb Polson 
Rich Rome 
Karen Torrisi 

Tim Lanz, Treasurer